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Personalised Solutions that will have your child sleeping within 2 weeks

Making Sweet Dreams a Reality


Holistic Sleep Solutions tailored specifically to your child and your parenting style


Certified Child Sleep Consultant and member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants


The Sleep Centre's Baby Sleep Consultant offers first class support to families nationwide

How can The Sleep Centre help?

Feeling lost, discouraged or desperate about your child's sleep? Let us help with the following challenges ...

  • Frequent wakings overnight 
  • Catnaps 
  • Habitual wakings 
  • No naps 
  • Early Rising
  • Bedtime battles and lengthy settling 
  • Sleep associations such as holding, rocking, feeding, driving & bouncing to sleep 
  • Transitioning from co-sleeping to a cot/bed
  • Night Weaning (developmentally appropriate) 
  • Establishing routines
  • Creating positive and healthy sleep habits 
  • Navigating through milestones and regressions 
  • Empowering parents with information, tools and tips to boost confidence
  • Much, much more ......

Why is the 2 Week Sleep Solution so successful?

Bespoke: Sleep Solutions created specifically for your child and your family    

Holistic: Sleep is complex therefore no two families are the same. We need to take all factors into consideration to determine the best solution for your child

Accuracy: Assessment of logs and questionnaires enable Bec to pin-point the exact reason behind your child's disrupted sleep. No more guess work.

Convenient: Implement changes in your own home and environment 

Support: For the duration of your Sleep Solution you will have the ability to access expert advice each day via phone calls and email. 

Understanding: Friendly,compassionate, non-judgemental and professional advice to encourage, support and guide you.  

More information on techniques and approaches can be found here

Sleep Success Stories

We have worked successfully with hundreds of families nationwide. Their experiences are documented on our testimonials page and on our facebook reviews tab. 

"Thank you Bec for all your help over the last few weeks. You have Made going back to work full time super easier, now our family is having unbroken sleep through the night! Never thought it would happen. From 2 hr long wakings to 11hrs straight sleep for our 1yr old is amazing. Much appreciated!" Renee 

 "In less than a week, our 7 month old went from waking and feeding every 2 hours in the night to settling himself and zero night feeds.
It has been incredible to see how a few routine tweaks and varied settling strategies could promote so much more sleep (for everyone!)"  Holly

 More testimonials can be found here